Consulting services are the following:

    ▪ Corporate Finance

On the basis of global platform and support we offer the following:

Analysis and assessment of investment projects;
Attraction of capital from banking and private sectors, from Initial Public Offerings;
Due diligence for procurement and selling operations;
Support in budget issues and reviews.

    ▪ Risk Assessment and Management.

We will assist you in establishing an effective risk management system, which includes the following:

Improve risk management control systems through study of existing conditions, indenting risks and solving them on the basis of international best practice;
Review of internal audit function and provision of recommendations on problematic issues, consultations regarding internal audit activity, support in formalization and establishment of internal audit function;
Support in improvement of corporate management and operations management.

    ▪ Other Solutions

Resources and experience of our global network enables us to offer you such technological solutions as:

Software support and automation (establishment of ERP systems) for managerial and financial reporting systems;
Software support and generation of analytical information (Business intelligence (BI) technology).